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Comprehensive Guide to Bartack Sewing Machine: Features, Functions & working principle

A lab report about Bartack sewing machine


There are many types of sewing machines. Some are used for particular purposes, such as Bartack sewing machines. These are called simple automatic machines because this type of machine works in a cycle. Bartack means to increase the strength of a small length of fabric by sewing on it and then repeating it. For example – the belt, loops, and the opening of the pocket.


  • To know about the m/c pattern.
  • To know about the thread path of bartacking machine.
  • To know about the parts of bartacking sewing machine
  • To know the working principle of this machine.

Machine specification

  • Brand : Zusum
  • Origin: China
  • Group: Lock stitch
  • SPI:10
  • TPI:14-15 inches
  • SPM:4000-6500
  • Stitch Class: 300
  • Seam:Super imposed
  • No of needle:1
  • No. of Bobbin: 1
  • Total thread: 2
  • Needle no: 9,11,14,16
  • Needle size: DP * 5

Different parts of Bar tack sewing machine

  1. Bobbin winding
  2. Bobbin winding spring tensioner
  3. Back stitch lever
  4. Spring tensioner past box
  5. Thread guide
  6. Knife lever
  7. thread take up lever
  8. Needle
  9. Knife
  10. Wiper
  11. Pressure feed guide
  12. Thread plate
  13. Bobbin
  14. Bobbin case
  15. Pressure lever
  16. Tensionar
Bartack sewing machine
Bartack Sewing machine

Function of Bar tacking sewing machine

a)Cone: Helps in containing the supply of needle thread.

b)Cone holder: Supports the cone

c)Needle:Needle must undergo accurate setting to ensure proper sewing

d)Needle bar: needle bar holds the needle

e)Thread take up lever: it controls the movement of thr yarn during sewing

f)Pressure: Proper attachment with the motor through the m/c pulley

g)Feed dog:The feed dog is subjected to be loose which may cause accident

h)Guide and tensioner: Use to pass the thread properly without tensionless proper sewing

Working Principle

At first, the m/c produces tack stitches in a small length (1-2cm) and then sews covering stitches over and at right angles to the first stitches. The variables are the no. of tacking stitches and the no. of covering stitches. The adjustment points of this m/c are needle,pressure feed, fitch length and density.


The Bartack sewing machine operates on a unique principle that sets it apart from other types of sewing machines. This principle is based on the creation of reinforced stitches, known as bartacks, on specific areas of a fabric to enhance its strength and durability.

The process begins when the machine is set to produce a series of tack stitches on a small length of fabric, typically between 1 to 2 centimeters. This initial set of stitches is designed to provide a solid base for the subsequent stitches.

Once the tack stitches are in place, the machine then sews a series of covering stitches over the initial stitches. These covering stitches are sewn at right angles to the tack stitches, creating a crosshatch pattern that significantly increases the strength of the sewn area.

The number of bartack stitch and covering stitches can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the fabric and the desired strength of the bartack. Other adjustable elements of the machine include the needle, pressure feed, stitch length, and stitch density.

The Bartack sewing machine’s working principle is designed to ensure the production of high-quality, durable stitches that can withstand heavy use. This makes it an ideal choice for sewing tasks that require a high level of durability, such as attaching belt loops, reinforcing pocket corners, and securing the ends of zippers.

Advantages of Bartack sewing machine

  1. Security of stitches are very good.
  2. Abrassion resistance is better.
  3. Stitches have higher strength and extammibility.
  4. Both sides of stitch looks same.
  5. More secured than chain stitch.

Disadvantages of Bartack sewing machine

  1. The lowar capacity of bobbin thread requires frequent bobbin thread changing.
  2. Not suitable for knit fabric sewing.

Uses of Bartack sewing machine

  1. Attaching belt loops
  2. Increasing strength in cormer pocket
  3. closing the two corners of button hole.
  4. At the end of zipper.


From this experiment, we observed that the Bartack sewing machine is a complex m/c which contains some very important parts. The parts help in sewing a garment properly. we saw that the ofitch looks different that the usuall stitches. It is used for heavy duty. The machine in our lab works fine and we observe how sfitch in made of on fabric without any fault.

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